The world is on the brink of the era of the Anthropocene. Human action has impacted the environment to a critical degree and we are currently perched on the inflexion point. A global recognition for the need for immediate action is beginning to take shape and it looks like China will be at the vanguard of the green-architecture movement.

The world's most populous country is suffocating on account of poor air quality - and are planning to finish construction of a 3280 foot tall skyscraper in Central China that is designed to purify the surrounding air. This could be a technological revolution that changes the role of construction companies to have a triple bottom line of financial, social and environmental impact.

The way I see it, if more government policies support green technology, either through mandatory regulation or through positive incentives (think tax-breaks and subsidies), it may not be too late to slide back from the tipping point into a sustainable future for our planet.