The Drinkable Book is the first ever Manual that teaches water usage, disease prevention and sanitation tips and can also be used as a filter paper. This beautiful invention will no doubt revolutionize the way the world drinks it's most under-valued, over-utilized resource: H2O. Not only is the filter book a highly effective filter paper (reducing bacteria by 99.99%!), but is also extremely inexpensive, costing only pennies to manufacture. Low health awareness among marginalized communities who suffer the most from water-borne diseases is often an under-estimated culprit - the fact that the book can also be used to educate it's users is, in my opinion, what makes this product truly revolutionary.

The dual-impact of this book is ode to the combined creative and intellectual capabilities of its inventors, a team of scientists and engineers from Carnegie Melon and the University of Virginia, who worked in partnership with WaterIsLife is develop the manual.

This brilliant invention is a epitome of how science and innovation is one step closer to combating the water crisis and saving the planet. To find out more, visit: