In a world of rampant poverty, melting ice-caps and genocide - finally some GOOD NEWS! Shark fin soup, a popular Asian delicacy is reportedly witnessed a sharp decrease in sales.

You are sixteen times more likely to be hit by lightening than to be bitten by a shark. Shark's also have a major image problem - no thanks to movies like Jaws. What many people do not know about these wonderful creatures is that sharks are the bricks that hold up the ocean's ecosystem - picking off the weak and sick of smaller species, helping to ensure strong and healthy populations and balanced evolution of marine life. If these top predators are extinct - the system is destined to collapse. And if that's not enough - keep in mind shark fin has no actual flavour!

There has been both a reduction in supply of shark fin soup, courtesy China's austerity campaign, as well as a reduction in demand, a consequence of a change in public attitude especially among younger generations. Corporations are playing their part too - large hotel chains have stopped serving the shark fin soup and over 20 airlines have agreed not to transport it as reported by the article.

If this article strikes a chord with you, I would recommend watching a brilliant documentary called Sharkwater (check it out at: )!